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Video of Our Products

Maxiton Pallet Truck and Stacker in action

Triathlon Forklift in action

Repair Pallet Truck  – How to Replace Hydraulic Pump

Repair Pallet Truck – How to Replace Wheel Roller

Repair Pallet Truck  – How to Replace Steering Wheel

Maxiton CTDC Economic Electric Stacker

Maxiton CTD Semi Electric Stacker

TRIATHLON Forklift Side Shift Attachment simulation

TRIATHLON Forklift Two (2) Stage Full Free Mast simulation

TRIATHLON Forklift Two (2) Stage Standard Mast simulation

TRIATHLON Forklift Three (3) Stage Container Mast simulation

MAXITON Tailgate 1000Kg Operation with Wireless Remote Control

MAXITON Self Propelled Scissor Lifting Platform

MAXITON Aluminum Aerial Lifting Platform GTWY

MAXITON Portable Light Duty Stacker SDDJ

MAXITON ES series Electric Scissor Lift Hand Truck

MAXITON CBDN Full Electric Pallet Truck

Our Aim and Objective

Our aim is to meeting customer needs with a competitive Technology and cost.Together with our client , we seek improvement in client’s logistic efficiency and growth of businness using our wide range of products.

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