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Our driven commitment to our client to develop high valued, advanced yet affordable material handling machinery is the main reason we introduce our Triathlon range of forklifts to the market.

A forklift (also called a lift truck, a fork truck, or a forklift truck) is a powered industrial truck used to lift and move materials short distances. It is important to choose forklifts based on it’s lifting height and load capacity. In order to reach a high lifting height and load capacity without sacrificing safety, it is important for the centre of gravity of the forklift to be carefully calculate. All Triathlon forklifts are carefully and precisely developed to give you the best product while keeping your safety in mind.

Triathlon forklifts comes with Diesel engine, Battery forklifts or LPG tank forklift. They have lifting height of 3.0m to 6.0m and load capacities ranging from 2000kg – 7000kg.

Triathlon logoCPCD350 Series Diesel Forklift

Our Aim and Objective

Our aim is to meeting customer needs with a competitive Technology and cost.Together with our client , we seek improvement in client’s logistic efficiency and growth of businness using our wide range of products.

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