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Pallet truck , pallet jack and stacker

CTD Series Semi Electric Stacker

A materials-handling machine with a frontally attached lifting device or pair or forks capable of being raised and lowered. A stacker travels along the surface of the floor on wheels made of metal, plastic, or solid rubber and is designed to stack merchandise or place it on racks to a height of up to 8 m. It is controlled from its cab, which, in some cases, may be raised and lowered itself. The load-lifting capacity of a stacker can be as much as 3.2 tons.

New Lead Engineering Pte Ltd offers stackers which are ergonomically designed for operators to handle with ease. We provide manual, semi-electric and electric stackers. Our electric stackers models also offers variable speeds for ease of movement. Some models come with LCD hour meter and battery discharge views.

We offer hand, semi electric and full electric models which can work in tandem with our pallet trucks to fulfil your material handling needs.

Heavy duty models available.

Our range of stackers

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